Friday, April 13, 2012

Hero/ Zero of the Week

In the world of sports, we quickly find new heroes and new zeroes on a day-to- day basis. Let's take a moment to look at this week's Hero and Zero.

This week's Hero:

Rodger Goodell 

US Presswire

As the Bounty Scandal became public, many pondered what this meant for the coaching staff of the Saints. While suspensions and penalties were expected for Sean Payton, Mickey Loomis, and Joe Vitt, all of which were aware of the Bounty's existence in their very own locker room, no precedent had really been set for a violation such as this.
Because no precedent had been set, Goodell had to set it. I think it is dramatic and disavowing to say these coaches were "made an example of."Goodell needed to show that when it comes to players' safety, he will talk the talk and walk the walk. 
Goodell proved he is in charge, he has the players' back, and that no single person is bigger than the NFL. Upholding the suspensions of these three men on Tuesday makes Goodell In The Stands' Hero of the Week.  

Now, for this week's Zero:


Did you see that?? 
I get that hockey's culture is about a little extracurricular every once in a while, but this is not extracurricular. This is a blatant disrespect and negligence towards another member of your hockey brotherhood, towards another human being for that matter. Smashing an opponent's head against a glass wall... TWICE... should only be seen in the wrestling ring, not the hockey rink. 
So, after watching that clip, if you are wondering why Shea Weber himself is not the Zero of the Week, the answer is simple. 
The aftermath. The NHL chose to punish Weber with a mere $2500 fine. Maybe I shouldn't use the word mere, since $2500 is the maximum imposed fine the NHL can hand out; but there is such a thing as a suspension. To me this punishment screams, It's the playoffs, nothing else matters. Shame on you NHL, shame on you. 
A league that is trying to limit hits to the head in order to get head injuries under control (in case you haven't heard, those are no joke), will never make any progress towards reducing this if they continue to give lashes with a wet noodle. This is why, the NHL is In The Stands' Zero of the Week. 

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