Friday, April 13, 2012

Flashback Friday: One and Done

UConn is about to see their first ever One and Done men's basketball player. After completing one season filled with as many misnomers of that of a career of a fifth year senior, Drummond is off to the NBA Draft. During his short time as a Husky, Drummond was part of a team that suffered from previously imposed NCAA penalties, along with NCAA prodding, their coach's health issues, and the fall from fourth in the rankings to an unranked, almost unrecognizable, team.
Projected to go fifth overall, Drummond's youth, strength and size make him desirable to professional basketball teams, basically forcing Drummond to leave the team that can't promise anything next year.  

Now on this first Flashback Friday, in honor of Andre's departure, lets visit one of the more memorable dunks made by Drummond while playing at UConn against Syracuse.   

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