Sunday, April 8, 2012

Introducing In The Stands: Here's To The Twenty-Somethings

Some one once said that the hardest age in a person's life is the twenty-somethings. It is not the teenage years, which can be awkward. It is not the years that plague you with ailments and back pains. No, it is the twenty-somethings that are the most difficult.
The argument is that in your twenties you don't know how your dreams will treat you. Will you achieve the things you have worked for through school and low paying, bottom of the food chain jobs? Will you find happiness and success in these dreams? 
It is the unknown and the tight rope walk who's ending is never guaranteed that make the twenties so nerve wrecking.
My goal is to write, to discuss, things that are relevant. I am obsessed with popular culture, from celebrities to music to today's NY Post cover. But while I love a good cover story, I crave the sport's page. And to me, sports are a huge part of pop culture in American and throughout the world. 
This is why I have created In The Stands... to put my take out there on what is happening right now in sports. And more importantly, to start discussions with other fans.

To pay homage to some of the other twenty-somethings out there who are getting it done, I would like to highlight their dreams.  

Lindsey Vonn

Lindsey is a fellow female twenty-something who is kicking butt and taking names. Hard work and dedication have led her to four overall World Cup championships, an Olympic Gold Medal, and even a guest appearance on NBC's Law & Order. The impact Lindsey has had on professional skiing is immense. She is an inspiration for all those little girl next doors out there. Sorry but I have to say it, you go girl!  

Kevin Durant

How can I possibly talk about twenty-something athletes without shining some light on Oklahoma Thunder's Kevin Durant? There are plenty of worthy NBA players to choose from to highlight, but Durant's usual down to earth demeanor makes him seem relatable to me (minus that vertical leap). The fact that Durant is a whole year younger than me, makes me... (no, not jealous)... excited for him. This is an athlete who is playing at a supreme level and he is only 23! And after being named this year's NBA All-Star MVP, with 36 points, Durant said, "It's just exciting to be named (an) All-Star, but to step it up another level and become MVP, it's only something as a kid you dream about. Coming from where I come from, I didn't think I would be here. Everything is just a blessing to me"
Kevin has to know now, dreams really do come true.

Aaron Rodgers

At the age of ten, Aaron was featured on the front page of Ukiah Daily Journal for his top performance in a free throw contest. Can you imagine a world where our Discount Double Check star didn't pass to the end zone but rather the hoop? (Maybe Brett Farve can)
Replacing Farve in 2008 as the Green Bay Packers go to quarterback, it only took two years for Rodgers to achieve his first Super Bowl win. Now considered one of the most valuable quarterbacks in the league, Rodgers is rocking his dream and holding on tight. 

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