Sunday, April 15, 2012


It was in the third grade that I first read about the greatness that was Jackie Robinson. I read a chapter book and then wrote a book report. I didn't grow up knowing a lot about sports or athletes; however, I was always very sensitive to the injustices that people have faced throughout America's short history. Stories of men and women, such as Jackie Robinson, have moved me and inspired the way I want to carry myself through life. Jackie's bravery and the significance of what he stood for, stayed with me, stayed with Rachel, and stayed with all those little boys and girls doing that first book report.

As I watched many organizations honor Robinson today, I thought about how unifying it is to witness a day such as this with every team in baseball and hundreds of thousands of fans. Every game day players wear their team's uniform. Today, they all wore the uniform of the man who bettered America's favorite past time. While we are remembering Robinson, we are celebrating the lives he changed and impacted just by playing the game he loved so much.

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